Saturday, September 26, 2009

Which wheels should I get?

With my season over I'm looking to upgrade my wheelset. Raced mostly on Ksyrium SLs this summer, not my wheel of choice but its what I had. Those will be up on Ebay in the coming weeks in the meantime I will be on my bontrager training wheels.

I've basically narrowed down my choices to the American Classic 420s and the Neuvations R28 SL
I really don't see the need for deep dish carbon rims at this point, maybe in a season or two down the line. I like both sets of wheels, I prefer the American Classics but they are a bit pricier than the Neuvations. The Neuvations, from what I've seen and hear are very good for the price you pay. It really comes down to how much money I want to spend. I have time, the season doesn't start till March and base doesnt start for another month and half. So I'm content to ride on my training wheels for now...

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated