Monday, February 15, 2010

Decisions Decisions...

With the season a mere 3 weeks away its time to start tuning up the machine that I will be racing on. Last season a acquired my trustie Tarmac 'Suzie' after my late trek madone had a losing argument with a car door. Alas, my humble steed Suzie did not disappoint in 2009; I have been very good keeping in top condition. Other than the regular upkeep which has pretty much been done already the only thing missing is some new tires to start the 2010 road season with.

Some racers are very anal when it comes to what tires they race and train on. Some have training and 'race only' tires, while others use the same for training and racing. Some train on one psi while race on a different psi, etc etc so on and so on. I typically use the same tires to train and race all year and replace them as necessary. For the last two season I have raced on maxxis detonators; personally I can't complain about this tire at all. Reasonable price at 35 bucks a pop, very grippy in the turns, great in the rain, and pretty durable(very rarely do I get a pinch flat). Once again I am considering racing again on them, but have considered different tires.

Aside from the detonators I have two other possible suitors. Vittoria Rubino and Michelin Pro Race 3s. I have heard nothing but good things about both tires, for both training and racing they are both great deals. Luckily I have found them to be relatively the same price; so I comes down to looking at the specs, aesthetics, and public opinion. So to all those reading this; give me some advice on which tires to race on for 2010. The right tire can make or break my season; or at least give me less flats while training. Whatever, the point is any sort of opinions and advice is appreciated. I plan to place my order to tires this week, so don't delay on suggestions. Also if suggest any other tires that are better let me know, so long as they are in my price range.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It may still be winter....

But the road season is just around the corner, the season starter at Rutgers is a mere 4 weeks away on March 6. In order to keep the brain from becoming fried from the mind numbing hum of the trainer and to remind of some nicer weather, I present the following video brought to you by a my very good friend herb of jvs.

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Team Kit for 2010

Here it is:

For this season we went w/ Hincapie Sports rather than Champion Systems. Personally I've never used Hincapie before, but from what I've seen so far they look to be mighty comfy.