Monday, January 25, 2010

Race schedule slowly coming together

After much waiting, the venerable Charlie Issendorf has finally released the title Sponsor for 2010 Prospect Park Series. For the past two years, Cadence Multisport has been the title sponsor for this racing series. This year Lucarelli & Castaldi will be the new title sponsor for 2010. Prospect Park racing has been the meat of my season for the last two years, and this year will be no different. Typically Prospect Park always has a races going Saturdays and Sundays, but it is always the "Cup Series" that draws the biggest, nastiest, hairiest fields.

It is in these races at Prospect that I have learned the most. This season I hope to go from the dark horse in the race to a marked man. Most of my races there last season, I was always a dark horse during the race with no one paying attention to anything I did. If I were a breakaway rider, that would be awesome...unfortunately that is not the case. No teamates = no leadout = not a good sprint position. Luckily I have several new teammates at Montclair and Stevens so I should have plenty of help this season, and with a little luck and planning I should be able to take a few sprints this season at one of my all time favorite venues.

As far as USAC and ECCC races; most of schedule is set. Unfortunately I won't be able to do all the ECCC races this season thanks to a heavy senior workload. Its bitter sweet, as this will be my last year racing in college. But such is life....
Less ECCC races means more NJ racing, which is great for me as it means less driving and not having to be up crazy early to get to races on time.

There has been lots going on at Stevens, especially since we are once again hosting our own race and co-hosting a race weekend with Princeton. Flyers for both will be out shortly, so keep your eyes open for those.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year, New goals

So with 2010 finally here, I guess its only inevitable that I post my goals for the year. Last season had plenty of ups and downs. My spring was so so, results really weren't there but at least I had a blast racing in the ECCC. The USAC season also had its ups and downs from beginning to end. Rather than post my lack of results, I will post what I learned this season.

1. Booze before a race is never a good idea
1.a unless you're totally having a blast with awesome teammates and could care less about the race the next day

2. Recovery is arguably the most important aspect of training, if your legs are tired from a long week of workouts expect to do poorly.

3. In the 4s, pack position is way more important than being fitter than everyone else

2009 was definitely a learning experience for me. By the end of the season I was a completely different racer from the one I was back in February. I go into the 2010 season as much smarter, fitter and disciplined racer. I really did learn a lot other than what I said, and really look forward to putting that into action this season. I'm finishing up base training this month and the powertap has really helped me become more focused and disciplined over the last few months. At this point it can only help as I move forward into Build in a few weeks as well as the coming races. As for 2010 goals, here they go....

1. Win 3 field sprints
1.a I learned last season that I'm definitely a sprinter and can knock around with almost anyone with no fear of crashing.
1.b I finally better pack position in crits, so that should translate to better position going into the sprint

2. Not miss races due to oversleeping and not leaving early enough
2.a I missed both the state road race and crit last season due to oversleeping and not leaving early enough to get there in time. No way that's happening this year

3. Help out new teammates at Montclair/Stevens with racing, training, etc
3.a tons of teammates between my club team and collegiate team. I will definitely help them out with everything I've learned and hopefully we can help each other out as the season progresses

4. Have as much fun as possible within certain limits
4.a don't do #1 from above

2010 looks to be a good season with some awesome races anticipated from both the spectacular ECCC and the awesome guys at Kissena