Friday, October 9, 2009

Thoughts on Fall racing

With Fall and CX in full swing, I've been thinking about many things. How long Road season goes, why we race CX, when we start training, etc. Then on NYVelocity, I find this article. Here is an excerpt:

"Instead of starting races in late February, when the snow can threaten to fall from the sky, why not shift the early season to late March and race through September and October? Would you race now if there were a season ending race series?...Would you be afraid to sacrifice the early season fitness gained by racing in the cold, dark mornings of March? Is 55 degrees warmer in the fall or spring?"

I think this is a valid point, personally I feel 50degrees in the Fall is much better than 50 degress in March. I've always preferred rides in the Fall mainly because its always so low stress where in early Spring everyone is hammering all day. But there is always something to be said about the competitiveness about racing, after about 2 weeks off the bike I start to miss road racing and all the glory that goes along with it. My season ended back on Labor Day, since I've been hanging out, drinking beer, riding whenever the spirit moves me, and just enjoying life. But I can't help thinking about next season and winter training that is right around the corner.

Personally, I have never done a cross race but definitely want to. That probably won't happen this fall, but maybe one year I won't be so burned out and out of shape by October that I can actually merit jumping into a cross race. These are all just thought and ramblings that are a result of not racing or training seriously for several weeks. Base training is right around the corner for everyone, time to start thinking about next season.