Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to Train/Ride in the dark

So lately I have been busy with the typical life of a college senior. Job interviews, midterms, tons of homework and projects have made may days very long and leave very little time for riding. I started my base about a week ago, as I typically like to start training in the early part of November. Considering that I have limited time to train, I have been for the most part training and riding in the early a.m. Meaning at the early hour of 5:30am spending majority of my ride in the dark. Luckily I have a great light, that lights up everything and makes sure cars can see me.

Over these last two weeks of predawn rides(which are solo as apparently my teammates think I am insane for being up that early to ride) I have really enjoyed myself. I can honestly say it is refreshing and liberating to be out before dawn. Riding out of Hoboken in the early a.m means that there is essentially no cars on the road. Other than the occasional runner, the area is basically deserted. Going out solo predawn has made for some great stress relief and overall good vibes, it has allowed some great alone time with my thoughts. The solitude really has been good for me, it has made me calmer and a little more focused which is important in my last year at school. But I have also learned some skills on riding in the dark which are listed below:

How To Train in the Dark

1. Buy a Commuter Light
a. commuter lights have many LEDs that light up the road and alert you to oncoming cars
2. Wake up crazy early, like 5am
3. Eat a light breakfast
a. if your in Base training like moi, then its safe to say you're going to be on the road for a few
hours, so its a given to eat something. Even cold pizza from the night before
4. Bring a camera, even a camera phone works
a. aside from getting to watch a pretty nice sunrise you never what you might see, being able
to document it is worthwhile
5. Be alert
a. if your not alert, you will hit something. I learned that when I hit a pothole going downhill
at 35mph and flatted in teh dark. Not fun
6. While your place for the said ride, make as much noise as possible to wake your roommate who is too lazy and undisciplined to ride w/ you predawn
a. just a cheapshot at my roommate who isn't a morning person

These are just some stuff I have seen while riding predawn. I will post some pics I've taken while on these rides in the coming days as well as some updates on the Stevens team. Until then I will continue riding in the training in the early a.m and enjoying life.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

ECCC Fall Meeting

The fall meeting is at Stevens this year. Information can be found below